Chandrakant Gajaria formed Peeta Consultants Inc. in 1994. Originally the company supplied consulting services for large architectural projects: project planning, estimating, and scheduling. In the last 18 months the company has discovered the capabilities of digital technologies for a variety of applications in the fields of architecture and engineering. This has given the company an opportunity to change direction and expand into the virtual reality market.

  Rooted in the fields of engineering and digital media, we have the unique ability to present and aid in the visualization of complex information in a comprehensive manner.

Mission Statement:
  Peeta Consultants' mission is to provide a means of communicating information, ideas and concerns effectively through the use of innovative and immersive digital technologies.

  Revenue Canada
  National Research Council
  Public Works Government Services Canada
  Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  Canada Post Corporation
  Consulting and Audit Canada
  The State Group
  (CFHA) Canadian Forces Housing Agency
  Department of National Defense
  Rulink Computer Corporation
  Sona Consultants